Wen Qi And Her Talent Agency Throw Accusations After A Falling Out

Wen Qi And Her Talent Agency Throw Accusations After A Falling Out
Vicky Chen Wenqi
For someone who’s only fifteen, Vicky Chen Wen Qi has accomplished a lot with her acting awards and brimming potential as one of the new four dan actressesIt isn’t a bed of roses though as Wen Qi and her talent agency seem to be embroiled in a public feud. Beijing Golden Pond Media (GPM) has accused Wen Qi of breach of contract.

In a statement released on Feb. 20, GPM says that they are Wen Qi’s exclusive agent and that the contract both parties signed remains effective from 2016 to 2021.  

GPM accuse wen qi of breach of contract
GPM explains that by signing the contract, Wen Qi has agreed not to grant management rights in any form to third parties and that Wen Qi would not “exercise management rights.”  

Therefore, all of Wen Qi’s career moves, including endorsements, promotion and other commercial activities should first be handed to GPM for approval and processing.  Any commercial activities such as shooting a drama series, endorsements or publicity events conducted by Wen Qi without GPM’s consent is considered illegal and GPM would take all legal measures to protect their rights from unfair practices.  
Vicky Chen Wen Qi
Wen Qi’s father has responded by releasing a statement through their lawyers. They explain that Wen Qi’s parents officially sent GPM a letter on Oct. 25, 2018 to cancel their daughter’s contract and inform that future performances by Wen Qi will no longer go through GPM.  

Wen Qi’s parents claim that GPM didn’t have professional training and planning for Wen Qi.  The company also did not provide a professional manager or even basic security.  GPM promised Wen Qi a lead role in a film and drama project which has remained unfulfilled and also owes Wen Qi some back pay.  In light of this, her father made a choice to terminate Wen Qi’s contract. 

Update: On Feb 22, GPM issued another statement to deny the termination of contract, neglect in promotions, delay in payments and other accusations. They reiterated that they will be resorting to the law to uphold their rights. 
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