Well Intended Love Is A Playful Drama To Brighten Up A Gloomy Day

Well Intended Love Is A Playful Drama To Brighten Up A Gloomy Day
well intended love cdrama
I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I get tired of the usual backstabbing, scheming and intrigue found in dramas.  It would be nice to find a show where you can just relax to a lighthearted plot without tiptoeing to see what schemes are waiting around the corner.  Well, it seems Well Intended Love 奈何BOSS要娶我 is one such drama.  

well intended love cdrama
The fun little number airing on Sohu and Mango TV is about an actress and a big boss. She is sick with leukemia and he’s the man that she needs. Somehow, he ends up proposing to her. They work out an agreement and they’re married by the first episode. 
well intended love cdrama
Despite not having a very original storyline nor a huge budget nor big stars, this seems to have gotten the attention of viewers, mainly because of the humor, the playful plot and of course, the good looking actors.  

well intended love cdrama
Xu Kaicheng plays the cold-blooded company president Ling Yizhou who is very sweet towards his wife. The actor resembles Wallace Huo a little. He has previously appeared in dramas like Moonshine And Valentine and I’m A Pet At Dali TempleWang Shuang doesn’t seem to get equal attention, but she creates a likeable personality as the leading lady
well intended love cdrama
Ian Yi is a member of the group “Spexial” and he plays Chu Yan, the best friend of Ling Yizhou.  

well intended love cdrama
Yang Haoming who plays Nan Jintian is hard not to like despite being a villain. 

well intended love cdrama
Huang Qianshuo plays Wen Li, the boss’s secretary. 

well intended love cdrama

If you guys are out to watch something fun sans senseless angst and has handsome guys, why not give this a try. 

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