Qu Chuxiao issues strong words against obsessive fans

Qu Chuxiao issues strong words against obsessive fans
the wandering earth qu chuxiao
Although it wasn’t the fan favorite at first, The Wandering Earth 流浪地球 has become the dark horse of the Lunar New Year race. By day thirteen, it has made RMB 3.7 billion in the box office and surpassed Operation Red Sea to become the second top-grossing movie of all time in China. As the young twenty something actor starring in a mega blockbuster movie, Qu Chuxiao gets a taste of stardom seemingly overnight and the problems that comes with it. Using a weibo handle that is said to be his unofficial account, he ranted about a recent encounter. 

“I will only say this once. Returned to Beijing today, I was approached by someone asking me to sign The Three-Body Problem book. I said sorry, I don’t want to sign. This student was respectful enough. When I got on the plane, it turns out that her seat was next to mine, so I changed to an empty seat. After getting off the plane, the girl ran up to me (almost kicking off my shoes) and said: don’t want you to become an idol, but some of your fans are trying to push your popularity, wish that you’ll get many better projects. I told her thank you. 

the wandering earth qu chuxiao
When I got off the plane, there was a person with a camera, I don’t know where he came from but he was taking pictures like crazy, so I got my phone out to take a video. Here is what happened.

Paparazzi: Are you filming me? Why are you filming me? 
Me: Why are you taking pictures of me? 
Paparazzi:  Oh, fans asked me to. 
Me: What does it have to do with me. 
Paparazzi: So you don’t allow pictures. 

I stopped filming him and he stopped following me.”

When Qu Chuxiao returned home, he learned that he was getting flak for having a bad attitude, for refusing to let people take pictures and even making a girl cry. The details of what allegedly happened were posted online. 

Qu Chuxiao was puzzled from the encounter, saying that he was was simply traveling back to Beijing for personal reasons. He was tailed without permission and admonished for his actions. It was an experience that he wasn’t prepared for. He says that he doesn’t need to be taught a lesson on etiquette because he wasn’t disrespectful and did not do anything out of etiquette. 

He ended his rant with a quote from Bob Dylan, “Just because you like my stuff doesn’t mean I owe you anything.”

qu chuxiao
He soon followed it up with another post. He recently got a call from a number he didn’t recognize at 11 in the evening. He says that unlike idols, he is not the type to swallow his anger. From being followed at the airport to his ID and phone number being taken, he’s prepared to file a case as he didn’t know how his information will be used. 

He even shared the chat messages received from a sasaeng fan. The fan claims to have texted a random number as she was feeling down after her boyfriend cheated on her. Taking none of it, Qu Chuxiao called her out for getting his number on purposes and being a sasaeng fan. 

His strong words seem to have ticked off some people. One commented that he/she can’t tolerate celebrities scolding fans and no longer wants to be Qu Chuxiao’s fan. Qu Chuxiao admits the importance of fans to actors. He says Japanese, Korean actors and idols know this, but there’s a difference between actors who depend on popularity and those who depend on real acting skills. 

qu chuxiao bloody romance wuxia
After his posts trended, the fan from the plane speaks up to deny that she is a sasaeng fan. She admitted to liking Qu Chuxiao from Bloody Romance so when she happened to be on the same flight, she asked whether it was possible to be seated near him and did not pay anyone or break any rules to do so. She also denies contacting Qu Chuxiao by pretending that her boyfriend cheated on her. She adds that Qu Chuxiao was polite towards her so there was no truth to her crying because of their exchange. 
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