Listening Snow Tower (2019)

Listening Snow Tower (2019)
Listening Snow Tower cdrama wuxia
Wuxia dramas have been a staple of TV for as far as I can remember, with each generation becoming more visually appealing than the last. From what I can see from the trailerListening Snow Tower 听雪楼 will have all the familiar elements of wuxia, the action, the special effects, the love story and the interpersonal conflicts.  

Listening Snow Tower cdrama poster
Listening Snow Tower is a 56-episode wuxia drama series based on the novel of the same name by Cang Yue.  It is led by Qin Junjie (Spy Hunter), Yuan Bingyan (Ever Night). It also stars Han Chengyu (Legend of Dragon Pearl), Lin Yuan (Our Glamorous Time), Yuan Lilin, Zhao Dongze (The Evolution of Our Love), Jessica Hsuan (Vegetarian Dad, I Love You) and Fu Chengpeng (The Drug Hunter). 
It follows the story of Xiao Yiqing (Qin Junjie), the master of the Listening Snow Tower and the daughter of the blood demon Shu Jingrong (Yuan Bingyan).

Listening Snow Tower cdrama wuxia Qin Junjie
Three martial arts masters join forces with the Listening Snow Tower to defeat the Bai Yue cult but fail in their undertaking.  Out of control, Xue Mo is forced to kill his own daughter and then himself.  Bai Di takes in Xue Mo’s daughter Shu Jingrong.  However, the deaths of her brothers and master Bai has made Shu Jingrong realize that she is cursed. Guilt-ridden, Shu Jingrong takes up her father’s sword to take revenge. Together with Xiao Yiqing of the Listening Snow Tower, they fight against the forces of Bai Yue. 

Listening Snow Tower cdrama wuxia

Swordsmen fighting evil cults is a common storyline for wuxia dramas. this one easily stands out simply for the artistic thought that went into the making of the drama. I watch to watch the series because of these posters. 
Release Date: May 6, 2019 Tencent 

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listening snow tower qin junjie

listening snow tower yuan bingyan

listening snow tower

listening snow tower

listening snow tower lin yuan

listening snow tower zhao dongze
Listening Snow Tower cdrama wuxia Qin Junjie
Listening Snow Tower cdrama wuxia Crystal Yuan Bingyan

Listening Snow Tower cdrama wuxia

Listening Snow Tower cdrama wuxia
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