Lin Chi-Ling Embraces Being Single, Says She’s Very Happy Now

Lin Chi-Ling Embraces Being Single, Says She’s Very Happy Now
Lin Chi-ling
Every now and then, rumors that Lin Chi-Ling and Jerry Yan are getting back together circulate in the media. Lin Chi-ling’s staff has even spoken up to confirm that the model-actress is indeed single. 

In a recent magazine interview Lin Chi-Ling mentions that her life is very happy right now. She says, “Maybe someone’s idea of happiness is marriage and love.  If that is the basis, then single women don’t have happiness?”  She subtly talks about her own dating status when she says, “I don’t think being single is a sin.  Single women are not married.  It doesn’t mean we are not happy now.”

Lin Chi-ling
Lin Chi-Ling goes on, “Of course we can expect two people to live together, but when you’re alone, you should be able to enjoy your solitude, and when you live in the moment, you can make the most out of your present situation.  If you’re always looking to the future,  if you’re always waiting for stuff to happen, you lose the chance to enjoy the irreplaceable moment in the present.”  She finally says, “I’m very happy now.”  

Asked about anything that she regrets, the 44-year old Lin Chi-ling says, “If there’s anything that I would regret not doing, it would be that I have not married yet, that I’m not a mother yet.  But no matter what the future may be, I believe all single women should make their lives better.  And because we live in the modern age,  we don’t have the conservative values that the older generations had which bind women.  We should go forward one step at a time.  Whether we lose or gain, All that we live through is precious.”  

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