Li Yifeng and Hu Ge deny dating rumors about a mystery actor on Valentine’s Day

Li Yifeng and Hu Ge deny dating rumors about a mystery actor on Valentine’s Day
Hu Ge Li Yifeng not dating Vday
Whenever we hear about dating news, baby announcements and what have you, there are always a few eligible bachelors that people turn their attention to in c-ent. It’s the day of hearts and a trending topic earlier today was that a popular historical drama actor will announce that he’s no longer single and currently dating a non-showbiz personality. 

He’s described as an actor who’s transitioning his image, loves his family, respects his fans and has a big movie coming up. Things got narrowed down quickly to Li Yifeng and Hu Ge

Li Yifeng Sword of Legends
Li Yifeng’s manager says, “We firmly deny the rumors, it’s not us, it has nothing to do with us. Is this rumor even believable?”
Hu Ge Chineses Paladin
A staff from Hu Ge’s team has also denied the rumors. Shortly after, Hu Ge himself also went on social media asking to be taken off the weibo hot topics list because he was trending #1 for saying that he’s not dating. This is certainly not the first time that Hu Ge’s name has been dragged into dating and even wedding rumors that seemingly come out of nowhere. I feel bad for the guy but can you really blame the fans? 

Happy Hearts Day! 
Hu Ge not dating vday


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