Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan introduce baby Rafael

Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan introduce baby Rafael
kevin cheng baby raphael
The Hong Kong paps may have beaten them to the punch with reports that Grace Chan had given birth even before they themselves announced it, but at least the couple got to do the honors of introducing their newborn with the first photo of Rafael. Kevin Cheng says, “Every parent thinks their own baby is the cutest… now I understand!”

His wife Grace Chan wrote a long thank you to the staff at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Stubbs Road where she gave birth and also said, “Finally, just want to let everyone know that Mommy is healthy! Baby R is behaving~ And Daddy is taking good care of all of us! What more can we ask for? Praise the Lord! P.s. Rafael we love you so so so so so so much!”
scarlet heart liu shishi
Kevin Cheng’s Scarlet Heart co-stars Lin Gengxin and Han Dong sent their congratulations by saying gongxi to the 8th Prince. 

As he happened to be watching a rerun of Scarlet Heart on TV, Lin Gengxin got to reminiscing as he writes on social media that many years have passed, 8th prince and 13th prince have babies already and he’s waiting for 4th prince. On the flip side, his comments got netizens asking when his own big day is coming up?  

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