JJ Lin meets up with a string of famous people on his trip to the US

JJ Lin meets up with a string of famous people on his trip to the US
JJ Lin Jay Chou Vanness Wu
If you’ve ever wondered what a trip Stateside for a famous person like JJ Lin would look like, it’s probably something like this. Armed with his handy camera, JJ Lin gave fans a treat as he documented every part of his trip, and it’s like getting a window into the lives of the rich and famous. When you’re a musical genius like Lin, it seems you attract a very musical crowd that includes the biggest names in the industry. First, he meets up with old buddies like Jay Chou and Vanness Wu and that’s just the beginning. 

JJ Lin Jay Leno

JJ Lin talks automobiles Jay Leno
JJ Lin Lupe Fiasco
JJ Lin with Lupe Fiasco

JJ Lin Pharrell

JJ Lin with Pharrell at an art gallery.  

JJ Lin remembers Paul Walker

JJ Lin takes a moment to write a tribute to Paul Walker, “Precious relationships are formed when the right people meet at the right times. In loss, we learn to cherish; in struggle, we grow stronger and learn to have faith. Above all, we learn to love. Thanks for the friendship guys, this is my first group picture with you.”

JJ Lin Jane Zhang G.E.M. Tan Weiwei

JJ Lin living it up as he gets a free message from three ladies with amazing voices – G.E.M. Gloria Tang, Tan Weiwei and Jane Zhang
JJ Lin Justin Timberlake
JJ Lin fanboys at meeting his idol Justin Timberlake

JJ Lin Kris Wu
JJ Lin with Kris Wu

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