Jiang Jinfu Opens Up for the First Time After Domestic Violence Case

Jiang Jinfu Opens Up for the First Time After Domestic Violence Case
Jiang Jinfu
Jiang Jinfu hasn’t been making any public appearances since he took a hiatus from showbiz in 2018 to pursue studies in Japan. He then ran in trouble with authorities last November on charges of physically assaulting his Japanese girlfriend, Haruka Nakaura, and was freed in December after charges were dropped. After a long silence, Jiang Jinfu finally talks about the issue.  

Jiang Jinfu posted a somewhat lengthy message using his WeChat account (胡乱蒋话) where he talks about his youth and how he loved playing computer games.  He mentions that after his ordeal, he’s not used to expressing himself through the computer anymore with its noisy keyboard and a computer screen that makes him feel sick.  

Jiang Jinfu
He speaks metaphorically about the domestic violence issue, likening it to spoiled buns which he had to swallow instead of throwing away. It appears he has accepted that part of his life and he’s now ready to move on.  He expounds on this by saying, “It should be said that people will always look back at their past.  Sometimes, they think of something, or bow their heads with a smile or meditate after taking a deep breath.”  

Jiang Jinfu says that a friend told him, “If you feel you’re stupid (after doing something stupid), then that means you’ve improved.” as feeling regret for what you’ve done wrong is the first step to redemption.  Before ending his message, Jiang Jinfu tells us that “The road is your own.  Nobody can walk the path of life for you.” He drew mixed reactions from those who support the actor and those who don’t and only time will tell whether he will be able to revive his showbiz career. 

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