Claudia Wang plays Johnny Huang’s bodyguard in “Lucky with You”

Meet You booting ceremony claudia wang johnny huang
After Moonshine And Valentine, it looks like Johnny Huang Jingyu is on a roll as he started filming for a new drama last month.  He will play the lead along with Claudia Wang Likun in the upcoming drama Lucky with You 三生有幸遇上你, a love story about a wealthy man with an attitude who hires a female bodyguard.

Meet You booting ceremony claudia wang johnny huang
I like how Johnny Huang and Claudia Wang pair up together. Johnny is big and intimidating while Claudia is petite.  Their height difference is kind of cute, in a way and it will be interesting to see their love story unfold as their characters are somewhat the opposite of each other and that she’s supposed to protect him! Claudia Wang’s portrayal of a very capable female bodyguard should also make for some interesting action scenes.  
Meet You booting ceremony claudia wang johnny huang
Johnny Huang has proven that he can act.  He was a stalwart soldier in Operation Red Sea and we fell in love with him in Moonshine And Valentine. I think Johnny Huang’s character in Lucky with You fits my image of him as a big strong bad ass perfectly.  
claudia wang
A beautiful Claudia Wang plays a tae kwon do practicing Wu Yi, whose husband cheated on her.  She also loses custody of her child and in order to get her child back, Wu Yi starts to work as a bodyguard.  Claudia’s character is refreshingly different though.  Instead of the usual sweet, bubbly klutz or the high profile elite woman, Wu Yi is a professional ass kicker.
Meet You booting ceremony claudia wang johnny huang
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