Keep Running Marks The End Of An Era As Key Players Leave The Show

Keep Running Marks The End Of An Era As Key Players Leave The Show
Keep Running core members leave
Long time viewers of Keep Running 奔跑吧 are in for some major changes this week as the hit reality game show recently announced that four of their hosts will be replaced for the new season.  

Keep Running members Luhan Deng Chao Chen He Wang Cholam Leave
Keep Running veterans Deng Chao, Chen He, Wong Cholam and Lu Han won’t be around to make us laugh anymore due to conflicting schedules and personal work arrangements.  It’s especially hard seeing Deng Chao go since most people regard him as the ringleader of the Keep Running crew.  
Deng Chao leaves keep running
Deng Chao opened up about leaving Keep Running.  He says that the film he is working on is nearing completion and that there is still some post-production work for him to do.  When the new season of Keep Running starts though, Deng Chao says, “I will cheer for my teammates.”  He also says, “The five years of running, sweat, tears, friendship and  affection will always remain in the back of my mind.”  He ended his statement with the words, “We are family… Always will be.”  
Angelababy Ryan Zheng Li Chen remain in keep running
Only Angelababy, Ryan Zheng and Li Chen will return as members of Keep Running.  They will, however, be joined by four new faces.  It has been confirmed that actors Zhu Yawen and Ian Wang Yanlin will sign on along with NCT’s Lucas Wong and (G)I-DLE’S Song Yuqi.  
2019 new members keep running Zhu Yawen
2019 new members keep running Alan Wang Yanlin
2019 new members keep running Lucas Wong
2019 new members keep running Song Yuqi
The director of the show says that aside from the old members having schedule conflicts, the program needs to be fresh and that new members will bring more possibilities.  He also said that since both Lucas Wong and Song Yuqi are young, he expects them to bring their energy, sincerity, talent and positivity to the show.  
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