Lay Zhang Yixing returns for Season 2 of Idol Producer

Lay Zhang Yixing returns for Season 2 of Idol Producer
Idol Producer 2 Lay Zhang Yixing
Despite its controversial beginnings, the iQIYI survival show Idol Producer 青春有你 turned into a bona fide hit in 2018, pushing NINE PERCENT to nationwide fame. With season 2 on the way, many wonder whether the show can recreate the same recipe for success. 

Lay Zhang Yixing played a big part in leading the show, earning a reputation as the strict and caring Producer Zhang. A lot obviously hinges on his return to Idol Producer yet things seemed to have gotten off to a shaky start. There were speculations that negotiations weren’t done when the show went ahead and announced Lay’s return. Lay denied the news with a curt explanation that he was not aware. The trainers for the show were revealed last month but still no mention of season 2’s producer and host. 
Idol Producer Mentor
It looks like things have a way of working out as Lay’s return was officially confirmed today. He joins the other trainers that include Jolin Tsai as dance mentor, Li Ronghao as vocal mentor, MC Jin as rap mentor, After Journey as rap coach and Xu Minghao as dance coach. I guess the real question now is whether it would be possible to discover the next Cai Xukun
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