Shaolin Kids Ashton Chen and Steven Hao Have Grown Up

Shaolin Kids Ashton Chen and Steven Hao Have Grown Up
Ashton Chen Shaolin Popey Steven Hao
Anyone old enough to have watched Shaolin Popey back in 1994 would remember the cute and clever kids who beat up the bad guys there. In their youth, Ashton Chen and Steven Hao were arguably the most popular Shaolin duo in the 90’s.  As funny as it was seeing the two beat up the bad guys, time has since moved forward and they’re not so little anymore.

Ashton Chen martial arts actor
After graduating high school in the United States back in 2008, Ashton Chen has since returned to China to continue his acting career.  Having just turned 30 years old today (Jan 6 Asia time), he has traded his cuteness for a sturdy built and lean muscles. He still kicks ass in action roles and will play a supporting character in the upcoming drama adaptation of Fearless.  

Steven Hao Shaolin monk
Steven Hao also stopped acting to pursue his studies back in 2003. He was admitted to the Department of Transportation Management at Tamkang University in Taiwan in 2008.  After graduation, Steven resumed his acting career as well. Being the funny man of the two, he has continued to take roles in comedy. Like Ashton, Steven, now 28, is often cast as a supporting character. He recently played a shaolin monk again in the 2018 movie Oolong Courtyard with Ng Man-Tat.   

Steven Hao Shaolin monk Ng Man-Tat
It is not easy for child stars to have long lasting fame.  There are those that fade away from showbiz, some continue acting and some choose to live normal lives.  Regardless of how diverse their chosen paths are, they have been part of movies and shows that many of us have watched and as such, these child stars deserve our respect and applause.  

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