CCTV Selects New Four Dan Actresses

CCTV Selects New Four Dan Actresses
Wendy Zhang Zifeng New Generation Four Dan Actress
It’s always nice to see young talents moving up in the entertainment industry.  Considering that many of the Four Dan Actresses over the years are popular A-listers, simply being chosen is a tremendous honor.  Many of the previous Four Dan Actresses have gotten married and have children, and CCTV thought it time to select a new generation. 

Generally applauded for her acting skills in many of her projects, the 17-year-old Wendy Zhang Zifeng is undisputed in first place.  She started acting in TV commercials when she was five years old.  She won Best Newcomer at the 31st Hundred Flower Awards when she was only 7 and continue to receive nominations in prestigious awarding bodies. 

Vicky Chen Wen Qi  New Generation Four Dan Actress
Vicky Chen Wen Qi is the youngest among the Four Dan at only 15 years old. In 2017, she won Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Horse Awards.  She may still be a newcomer with just a few movies and dramas under her belt but make no mistake, she is a very capable actress.

Sophie Zhang Xueying New Generation Four Dan Actress
The 21-year-old Sophie Zhang Xueying may not have acting accolades like the previous two but her acting is remarkable.  Sophie Zhang has built her career over the years by mainly appearing in idol dramas but many years ago, she gave a breakthrough performance in the movie Einstein and Einstein which hit theaters last month. 

 New Generation Four Dan Actress Guan Xiaotong
Born in a family of actors, the 21-year-old Guan Xiaotong started acting at the age of 4. Given how early she started, she has the image of nation’s little sister. She has already cemented her status as a leading lady with countless dramas under her belt but many of her idol dramas have not done very well. After being in Zhang Yimou’s movie titled Shadow, people are beginning to notice Guan Xiaotong’s acting skills.  She just needs a good director and a good script to make her shine even more.  


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