Angelababy Talks About Love And Family With Huang Xiaoming

Angelababy Talks About Love And Family With Huang Xiaoming
Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming have been married for three years.  In 2017, they were blessed with a son whom they nicknamed their “Little Sponge.”  It seemed everything was going well for the celebrity couple. However, Huang Xiaoming got caught in a stock manipulation scandal last year. 

Rumors about Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming’s alleged divorce over the scandal circulated on the internet.  Despite the hubbub, it appears those rumors were just that. Rumors. 

Angelababy Huang Xiaoming
Angelababy was interviewed by ELLE magazine recently where she talked about her attitude towards family.  She tells us “Love is a process of compromise and concession.”  Angelababy added that as long as she and her husband can understand and respect each other, she wouldn’t mind her partner’s quirks and habits.  Although she is open to accepting change, there is one thing that she absolutely won’t tolerate. Cheating. Or to put in Angelababy’s words, “When another party appears in the relationship.”  

Angelababy Little Sponge
Angelababy’s motherly instinct to protect her son kicked in when she was asked about the rumors about her split with Huang Xiaoming. Angelababy says the rumors doesn’t bother her much but drew the line by calmly saying, ” Don’t involve my son.” 

Beneath the successful exterior, Angelababy is just an ordinary mother who wants the best for her son.  Angelababy has been working hard while trying to balance her career and family.  She says, “I have been working hard all the time so that I can be there for him when he grows up.” 

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