Yang Mi’s Net Worth Still High Despite Divorce

Yang Mi’s Net Worth Still High Despite Divorce
Yang Mi net worth

On the night of Dec. 22, power couple Yang Mi and Hawick Lau announced their divorce through a statement from Jaywalk Studio. In the 2017 Forbes China Celebrity List, both Yang Mi and Hawick Lau made it to the top 100.  Yang Mi was the third highest with a revenue reaching 200 million yuan, while Hawick Lau ranked 76th with a revenue of  75 million yuan.  The couple had a combined annual income of 275 million yuan.  

Aside from being a famous and bankable actress with multiple drama series & movies to her name, Yang Mi is also a well-known shareholder of Jaywalk Studio, a company engaged in television, production, planning, distribution and talent promotions. Based on details from Tianyacha, she also has 8 other companies under her name including Shanghai Yang Mi Film & Television Studio and Shanghai Yang Mi Cultural Media Center.  Out of these, 2 have closed, 4 have Yang Mi as their legal representative while she’s an executive in 6 of them.

Jaywalk Studio may have suffered setbacks in the past year, but it remains to be a talent driven company. In October, Jaywalk officially established Jaywalk Newjoy, a subsidiary focused on grooming idols starting with 25 new artists. Dilraba Dilmurat, also managed by Jaywalk Studio, has grown her career by leaps and bounds, reportedly bringing in earnings over a 100 million and ranking among the top product endorsers in 2017. Talent management fees make up almost half of the company’s earnings. 
The monetary consequences of Yang Mi’s divorce remain to be seen but suffice to say, it looks like Yang Mi will be able to hold her own in the foreseeable future. She has the brains and the beauty to ensure her staying power in both the silver screen and business.

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