Yang Mi is CBN Weekly’s top bankable Chinese star in 2018

Yang Mi is CBN Weekly’s top bankable Chinese star in 2018
top valuable chinese star 2018 Yang Mi
1. Yang Mi
Chinese business magazine CBN Weekly has released their list of top 100 bankable stars for 2018. Compared to last year, this year sees Yang Mi moving from 3rd to 1st. Kris Wu and Dilraba Dilmurat come in 2nd and 3rd while Luhan who was last year’s top placer was bumped down to 10th. Karry Wang is the youngest in the top 5 at nineteen years old. 

Kris Wu top valuable chinese star 2018
2. Kris Wu
One new entry that stood out to me is Nine Percent member Cai Xukun who rose to stardom after winning the most votes in the hit reality show Idol Producer early this year. He skyrockets to 20th place for his first time making the list. Lay Zhang who was the nation’s producer in the same show is in 5th. 

Dilreba Dilmurat top valuable chinese star 2018
3. Dilraba Dilmurat
See complete list here. It’s amusing that the article literally states most celebrities probably wouldn’t want to be near the top, clearly alluding to the crackdown on tax evasion that resulted in Fan Bingbing’s fall from grace. She is noticeably absent from the top 100 despite previously ranking among the top 5. 
1. Yang Mi 
2. Kris Wu 
3. Dilraba Dilmurat 
4. Lay Zhang Yixing 
5. Karry Wang 
6. Yang Yang 
7. Zhou Dongyu 
8. Jackson Yee 
9. William Chan 
10. Luhan 
11. Li Yifeng 
12. Liu Tao 
13. Zhao Liying 
14. Roy Wang 
15. Liu Haoran

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