Where Li Yifeng and Arthur Chen Got Their Genes

Where Li Yifeng and Arthur Chen Got Their Genes
Li Yifeng
Li Yi Feng shares a childhood photo of him with his parents. 

Li Yifeng family photo
Li Yi Feng as a kid is quite cute. Both of his parents are easy on the eyes too. So now, we know where he got his looks. And personally, I think it’s sweet of him to post this photo and share it with fans.
Chen Feiyu
Arthur Chen Feiyu also recently shared a photo of his mom, actress Chen Hong, for her birthday. 
With his successful debut into Chinese dramas as the main protagonist of Ever Night, Chen Feiyu’s career is truly on the rise. His father, film director Chen Kaige, tends to be mentioned more often in connection to his son though Chen Feiyu certainly has got incredible genes from both sides of the family. His mother once played Diaochan, one of the four beautifies of ancient China, in the 1994 television series Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
Chen Hong
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