Tiffany Hsu Denies Marriage Rumors And Says There’s No Good News Yet

Tiffany Hsu Denies Marriage Rumors And Says There’s No Good News Yet
Tiffany Hsu denies marriage 2018
The internet blew up with reports yesterday that actress Tiffany Hsu and cinematographer boyfriend Liu Younian have decided to get married in secret on Dec 15. Hsu and Liu made their relationship public October last year and news about their marriage registration allegedly leaked after a member of Liu Younian’s family mentioned that “there is a big star at home!”  

Tiffany Hsu Morroco
Tiffany Hsu has been protective of her relationship with Liu Younian following her high-profile rollercoaster relationship with her ex, Ethan Ruan.  Nobody can blame her due to the third party rumors on several occasions throughout their 8 years together.

With Liu Younian however, Tiffany Hsu seems happy and she praises him for his gentlemanly style and respect for women. She further comments that Liu is “an absolutely good person” and “someone who brings her happiness,” which is why there was an outpour of congratulations over the 34 year-old actress having said her I Do’s. 

Tiffany Hsu Morroco
Tiffany Hsu previously shared some photos on Weibo with the quote “See you in Morocco next time,” fueling speculations that Morocco will be their honeymoon destination. 

She recently spoke up through her manager to address her rumored marriage. She said that no, there is no good news to share at the moment and thanked everyone for their concern. She also clarifies that she went to Morocco for filming. 

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