The Eight (2020)

Filmmaker Chen Kaige has recently joined forces with Chinese streaming platform iQiyi to give us what looks to be a kickass Chinese drama series. 
The Eight 外八行 takes place in both Paris and China during the Republican Era and centers on a young Chinese man who is drawn into the criminal underworld while fighting for China’s independence against several hostile forces.

Oho Ou Hao republican drama
The cast includes Oho Ou, Tan Songyun, Wang Zixuan, Qin Lan, Jin Shijie, Cheng Xingyuan, Liu Jianyu, Gong Wanyi and Jiang Han. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Qin Lan. She was so gentle and elegant in Story of Yanxi Palace whereas the characters of The Eight seem like they could kill with one look. 
Tan Songyun republican drama
What differentiates this from the usual Chinese online drama series is the attachment of Chen Kaige, a big shot industry veteran whose works in wuxia films can be visually mesmerizingChen Kaige, who is also the executive producer, says,”The rise of premium internet dramas has opened up a huge space for creative innovation.”  He further explains, “With this freedom, directors can now approach storytelling from many different dimensions and create deeper, more richly drawn characters.”
Set in the 1950’s is the story of a fresh graduate who becomes the head of a mysterious organization known as ‘The Eight’. As he is caught in the infighting during his time, he grows into a man of strength and a true leader who believes in sacrificing for his nation. After watching that trailer, I do think that this series is one to watch out for.
Release Date: June 12, 2020 iQIYI
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The Eight Wang Zixuan
The Eight Qin Lan
The Eight Jin Shijie
The Eight
The Eight
The Eight
The Eight
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