Screenwriter singles out Luhan as he criticizes male beauty standards today

Screenwriter singles out Luhan as he criticizes male beauty standards today
Wang Hailin screenwriter Luhan
Wang Hailin has trended before for critcizing popular idols, and this time, he was being interviewed on an iQiYi show when he name dropped Luhan to express his opinions on current beauty standards for male celebrities. 

He says, “On the niang pao 娘炮 (sissy) culture, I believe that it is already equivalent and to a certain extent close to an abnormal beauty standard. For example Luhan, I have also asked many women, basically not one mature woman likes him, he meets the beauty standards for the youth. Roosters should look like roosters, hens should look like hens, things should be like this, if a rooster looks like a hen, it’s very messy because it’s against nature. “ 

Wang Hailin screenwriter Luhan
Wang Hailin screenwriter Luhan
His thoughtless comments naturally received backlash that he issued a response to explain himself. He writes, “I was busy all day today, just learned what was happening on weibo today, an iQiYi personnel informed me that the complete interview will be released later on. The so-called rooster and hen analogy was not referring to Luhan but in response to the question: “Who has the right to dictate what men and women should look like?, 

My answer, “I cannot dictate it, no one has the right to dictate it, this is set by nature, roosters are roosters, hens…..” It’s an editing issue, fans who thought that I was saying Luhan was a rooster were misled. But I really did say that there is no one among the mature women around me who likes him, that is true, he fits the beauty standards of kids, nothing wrong with that. Whether I personally like or dislike his style is not important. I was discussing present-day culture, it was an interview with a lot of people, different perspectives and different views, my view is just a short part of it…. Luhan’s fans, you’d had a difficult time, acting as ignorant as before (although this time it’s understandable). I will not apologize, if I will, it will be towards the chicken.”

Wang Hailin screenwriter Luhan

This is not the first time Wang Hailin has expressed his distaste towards popular idols. A month ago, he had reshared an essay on the topic of Kris Wu’s new song topping charts in the US that discussed how popularity was being deliberately inflated. 

He had singled out Cai Xukun and Dilireba as examples saying that he would never work with them because they don’t need a script, only a fake script, fake popularity and fake awards, fake screenwriter, fake director, fake producer. 
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