Reason Why Dicky Cheung Chose To Go Bald for 22 Years

Reason Why Dicky Cheung Chose To Go Bald for 22 Years
Dicky Cheung why bald
Dicky Cheung has been bald for most of his career which started when he joined a singing competition to enter showbiz 34 years ago. He recently talked about the reason for his unchanging look in the past 22 years. Dicky Cheung is best remembered for his brilliant portrayal of Son Goku in the 1996 TV series Journey To The West.  

Dicky Cheung 1996 Monkey King
Dicky Cheung in the 1996 TV series Journey to the West
When he was starting out though, he struggled for many years working as a low paid actor and singer. Dicky Cheung had a full head of hair when he first signed with TVB. He played supporting roles in some of the most classic Hong Kong movies and starred alongside the likes of Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok and Andy Lau
1993 Future Cops Dicky Cheung
Dicky Cheung in the 1993 film Future Cops

However, it was only when Journey to The West came out in 1996 and Dicky Cheung played the titular Monkey King that his career catapulted to new heights of stardom.  Both his popularity and marketability rose dramatically.  Shockingly, it was also at this time that Dicky Cheung chose to leave TVB. 

Recently, Dicky Cheung opened up about his reason for leaving TVB.  He revealed that it was partly because of one of the producers at TVB. The producer in question happened to mention something that rubbed Dicky the wrong way. “You have no value without hair (implying that he can only play Monkey King).”  

Dicky Cheung Son Goku 1996 Monkey King
It turns out the producer wanted Dicky Cheung to play a part in an upcoming movie. Dicky recalled what happened at the time saying the producer had asked him to meet up in a local coffee shop to discuss the details. “The character does not need to be memorable. Some actors can do this for a cheaper price.”  Dicky Cheung says, “It was really hurtful. It killed a young man who was trying so hard to make it.” Dicky started to doubt his own value because of what the producer said.

Dicky Cheung bald 2018 Learning Curve of a Warlord
Dicky Cheung however refused to name the producer, saying it was best to forgive and forget.  Because of what the producer said at the time, Dicky Cheung has opted to remain bald while proving himself with his acting skills. This month, he has come full circle as his new drama The Learning Curve of a Warlord airs on TVB. 

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