Our Glamorous Time viewers complain about lack of screen time for leads, Cao Xiwen responds

Our Glamorous Time viewers complain about lack of screen time for leads, Cao Xiwen responds
Our Glamorous Time leads lack screentime
Our Glamorous Time 你和我的倾城时光 has been trending lately for the wrong reasons. Many viewers have been complaining about the lack of screen time for the main leads Zhao Liying and Jin Han and pointing out that too much screen time has been given to supporting characters played by Cao Xiwen and Zhang Junning.  

Our Glamorous Time leads lack screentime
Much of the criticism is specifically directed at Cao Xiwen from viewers who claim that her character Grace has edged out Zhao Liying’s Lin Qian for screen time. 

Our Glamorous Time leads lack screentime
Cao Xiwen took to weibo to respond to her bashers online, “Are my scenes really as many as you say? Based on my judgment, definitely not! If you don’t believe, you can count the number of scenes. I am not sure why you will write such long posts to insult me. As an actress, my job is to act well. Working everyday from morning until evening and studying the character until 1 or 2 in the morning, I have no intention to smear anyone nor the heart to step on anyone. If I am really such a person, then I won’t have to wait until I became, based on your words, the middle-aged auntie, before trying such tactics. If there is something wrong with my acting, I hope to hear your valuable opinions, but please lessen the personal attacks.

The amount of complications during filming is unimaginable. Got sick with fever and hematuria from emotional exhaustion, was sent to the hospital and wanted to give up on filming…… Saying this is not to make an excuse, but just to say that every actor and staff in Our Glamorous Time had a difficult time and gave a lot. For the drama to achieve the ratings is really through everyone’s hard work and consideration. Please don’t make wild guesses, okay? Thank you everyone. If there is really dissatisfaction over the storyline, request everyone’s understanding that at the time, the screenwriter, the actors and the staff have tried their best….. Thank you, have a good night. P.S. In the future, I will continue to work hard to be a good actress, hope to move a little forward from the 38 (a derogatory term that she’s been called) line.” 


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