Office Posters from Standardized Life Starring Wu Jinyan

Office Posters from Standardized Life Starring Wu Jinyan
Standardized Life cdrama
Standardized Life 标化人生 is a workplace drama that stars Wu Jinyan (The Legend of Hao Lan) and Yin Tao (The Years You Were Late).  They are joined by Liu Mintao (The Love Hypnosis), Zuo Xiaoqing (Ordinary Glory), Peter Ho (Age of Rebellion), Hong Yao (Story of Yanxi Palace), Zhang Tao (Gossip High) and Zhang Nan (Long For You). 

It is an interesting concept to feature each character’s workspace which gives the impression that this could be a story that’s reflective of the average salaryman. Like in real life, office desks are an extension of a person’s personalities and gives a little window into these characters. It seems that corporate politics will largely revolve around the ladies in the sales department. 

Standardized Life cdrama Wu Jinyan
Wu Jinyan plays Zhang Xiaoyu, the new personal assistant of Lin Rui, the company’s sales director.  She is the owner of the messy desk, always on the go and at her boss’s beck and call. 

Standardized Life cdrama Yin Tao
Yin Tao plays Lin Rui, the very capable sales director of the company who serves as mentor to Zhang Xiaoyu. She is next in line to become the GM. 

Standardized Life cdrama Liu Mintao
Liu Mintao plays Shu Wanting, the General Manager of the company who worries about being replaced. 

Standardized Life cdrama Zuo Xiaoqing
Zuo Xiaoqing plays Fang Jing, Lin Rui’s rival and head of the second sales department.

Standardized Life cdrama Peter Ho
Peter Ho plays Wen Zhe, a company manager. It’s not hard to guess which desk he owns, it’s the one with the fancy watch.  

Standardized Life cdrama Hong Yao
Hong Yao plays Dan Ding, a computer genius. 

Standardized Life cdrama Zhang Tao
Zhang Tao plays Jin Xiaobei, a rich heir.

Standardized Life cdrama Zhang Nan
Zhang Nan is Ling Xiaoxiao, Fang Jing’s assistant. Her workspace is decorated in pink. 

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