Jiang Jinfu freed after getting arrested in Japan last month

Jiang Jinfu freed after getting arrested in Japan last month
Jiang Jinfu freed Japan
Jiang Jinfu who was arrested by Japanese police last November due to a domestic abuse case was trending earlier today after he went on social media for the first time to write, “When I was inside, I’d occasionally see the blue sky, reach out with my hand but it is separated by the ice cold fence…” 

On the same day, Jiang Jinfu’s lawyer Arthur Law issued a statement to indicate that Jiang Jinfu has been freed as of Dec 28, 2018. Although the official decision has not been issued, it is understood that Japanese prosecutors have decided not to prosecute. 

Jiang Jinfu freed Japan

His lawyer’s statement writes that after thorough investigation by Japanese police and prosecutors that lasted a duration of two months, Jiang Jinfu has resumed his status as a free man. Provided no issue arises and they finish with internal procedures, Japanese prosecution is expected to make the decision to not prosecute official. This means that Jiang Jinfu will not have any criminal offence on his record.

The statement also states that receiving this result not only means that Jiang Jinfu was sincere and responsible in cooperating with investigation, it also relates to this case and implies that Jiang Jinfu’s chances of becoming a repeat offender are extremely low and there is no need to pursue criminal liability. They apologize and thank everyone’s support and guidance. 

Arthur Law further elaborates that although the decision has not been made official, Jiang Jinfu is a free man and can return to the country anytime. 

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