Help! What could these dramas be?

What drama is this
We get these types of questions once in a while, but these ones have us completely stumped. Any kind soul who knows, please comment below… thank you:) 

Question from readers:
1. I think the series was set in Hong Kong or China in a time period between the traditional period and modern era (some Chinese wore traditional clothes and some wore suits and jackets). At the start, there was a new son-in-law in the family who the girl’s father thought was useless. He was a really nice guy but not very strong or promising. There was a sort of revolution/uprising going on I think, and the father pretended to go mad. The son-in-law took care of him, and no one, including the girl, knew. Someone suspected the father wasn’t really mad and did things like poke needles into his head and forced him to eat poop. The father passed the test (so everyone thought he was mad). The girl was also involved in the revolution/uprising. 
I’m fairly sure the father was bald – he looked quite distinctive to me and I’d recognise him if I saw a scene from the series I think. Thank you, and I would appreciate your help! This has been bugging me for about 2 years now. :/ – Alicia
2. Hi. Can you help me to find this Chinese drama. There are 3 siblings if I’m not mistaken by the family of “Cha”. I can only remember Kam cha and Muk cha (if it’s correct haha). The 2 eldest brothers were evil at first. And when they are united with the good youngest brother makes a loud sound of “chaaa” to attack the enemy. – Anonymous
My cousin lent me a Kungfu serial about 7 warriors (Outlaw). They are the most feared and respected in all China until one day they recruited some one new and each one of them test his kung fu skill. The new guy apparently put poison on their food and won each fight until he battled the boss. This charming dude has a legendary sword. No one won (if I remembered correctly). Mann.. I watched this series 16 years ago and still thinking about how it ended. I never found the name of it even after several attempt of digging the internet. Anyway, they both caught by the official (police) but the boss escaped. He then go eat in a little eatery located nowhere in the desert but couldn’t pay the bill. They mock him and hit him but he couldn’t fight back because he had to cover his real identity so he decided to wash the dishes there until fateful day. A man stop by and recognize him and broke his legendary sword, they found a rolled letter inside his broken sword. 
I forget the rest but can somebody tell me which series is this?? I need to finish it sooo bad. – David
4. Hi, I have a TV series i watched in the 1990’s which I cant remember the name. The series is about martial-arts/kung-fu, the kung-fu school/association was invaded by an evil group of martial arts leader was a female kung fu expert dressed in red with a red cloth covering half of her face only revealing her eyes and she was undefeated. The hero eventually discovers at the end of the series, the reason why she is undefeated is because she wears a body armor beneath her costume, once he manages to remove it , he defeats her… as i recall, the tv series name has Fist or Fury in it… can anyone help tell me the name of this series? thank you – Sherman


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