Filming wraps for Royal Nirvana led by Luo Jin and Li Yitong

Filming wraps for Royal Nirvana led by Luo Jin and Li Yitong
Filming Wrap Royal Nirvana Luo Jin
You don’t know how many times I instinctively typed Nirvana in Fire while writing this post. Why must they choose similar titles? 

Royal Nirvana 鹤唳华亭 has officially wrapped after 216 days of filming that took the cast and crew to the studios of Xiang Shan and the vast regions of Dunhuang and Xinjiang. Most of the cast including both leads completed their scenes days earlier. Leading lady Li Yitong wrapped more than a week ago. I don’t know how this drama flew under the radar for me, but it’s actually shaping up to be quite promising given the cast. Seven months of filming also puts this in the category of bigger budget productions nowadays that seem to be spending more time and effort to make what is hopefully, a decent drama. 

Luo Jin plays the tragic hero who has no one to rely on in the face of a distant father, a treacherous brother and a distrustful king. 

Filming Wrap Royal Nirvana Li Yitong
After Li Yitong’s breakthrough performance in Bloody Romance, I’m sure she can handle whatever challenge thrown her way. She plays a woman who assumes another identity to get revenge. 
Filming Wrap Royal Nirvana Kim Jin Han

Filming Wrap Royal Nirvana Jin Han Luo Jin
Did I say that Jin Han is no longer playing villains? I lied. It turns out he’s one of the baddies as a cowardly character who has his eyes set on the throne. Frankly, that sounds like the worst kind of villain. His outfit reminds me of Princess Agents

Filming Wrap Royal Nirvana Xin Peng
Xin Peng plays another baddie with enough cunning to match his grandiose ambition to take the throne.

Filming Wrap Royal Nirvana Wang Jinsong
Veteran actor Wang Jinsong never disappoints, and I’d expect nothing less. 

Filming Wrap Royal Nirvana Wang Jinsong Zheng Yecheng

Filming Wrap Royal Nirvana Zheng Yecheng Luo Jin
Zheng Yecheng’s in the cast too!

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