Heroes (2020)

Heroes (2020)
Heroes 大侠霍元甲, previously known as Fearless, is a 40-episode web drama featuring the life of renowned martial artist, Huo Yuanjia, who brought glory to his nation. It stars Vincent Zhao once again as the Chinese folk hero, a character he has played several times before with his first being the 2001 Huo Yuanjia drama series.

Other casts include Nikita Mao Linlin, Wu Chao, Heizi, Yang Zhigang, Sui Mingyang, Eddy Ko Hung, Hasi Gaowa, Tay Ping Hui, Wang Zhiyi
Vincent Zhao
Heroes follows Huo Yuanjia who is spurred by the plights of those around him to stand up for his country. After barely escaping with his life, he forms the Jing Wu Men to promote Chinese martial arts. 
The five students of the famous federation known as Jing Wu Men are played by Jia HongweiXu ZhengguoKou Chia-juiZhou Bin and Zhou Yu Jing Hao.  Zhang Chunzhong and Ashton Chen who made a career in the martial arts genre round up the cast. 
Nikita Mao
I’ve only seen the 2006 movie version of the same and did a little bit of background research on the character after. Apparently, the movie loosely based on the martial artist’s life has angered his descendants, earning Jet Li a lawsuit for missing some important figures and for the way Huo Yuanjia was portrayed. It leads back to the question of the significance of historical accuracy in these kind of adaptations. 
Regardless, with a cast like this, expectations are surely high for this new drama to bring an impressive display of traditional martial arts choreography.
Release date: July 28, 2020 CCTV-8, iQiYi
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Wu Chao
Hei Zi
Yang Zhigang
Sui Mingyang
Eddy Ko Hung
Hasi Gaowa
Tay Ping Hui
Wang Zhiyi
Jia Hongwei
Xu Zhengguo
Kou Chia-jui
Zhou Bin
Zhou Yu Jing Hao
Zhang Chunzhong
Ashton Chen
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