Newly-Married Etta Ng reveals that she had sought out Jackie Chan to find answers

Nineteen-year-old Etta Ng was shoved into the spotlight this year due to many events in her life. She had run away from home, come out of the closet, moved to Canada and announced to the world just last month that she has tied the knot with then-girlfriend-now-wife Andi Autumn
On being Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter, Etta revealed in an interview that she knows as much about him as the general public. The only difference is that almost everyone knows that she is Jackie Chan’s illegitimate daughter. She further explains that she is not interested in Jackie Chan’s money. The actor once said that he intended to leave half of his assets to his wife and son Jaycee Chan while donating the rest to charity. Etta says that it’s really none of her business where the money goes. However, she opens up about running away from home in search of her father back in April. She said that she wanted to find him not for the reasons that many people think. She was dazed, had too many questions and her search for the truth was a way of self-help. It did not yield results because she still has not met her father, but she says that if they ever meet, she will ask, “Why did my mother become like this? Have you ever discussed it? I know I am still young, but I need an answer.”
Etta also shared that she has always known that she liked women, but has dated men in the past to please her mom. She explains that her mother Elaine Ng whom she described to be a traditional woman has not yet accepted Andi and refers to her as Etta’s friend, but they will take it slow.
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