C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Dec 17)

C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Dec 17)
Like A Flowing River Wang Kai Dong Zijian
CSM52 Cities + Online

Like A Flowing River has only been on air for two weeks and it’s become the undisputed winner on primetime TV and online. Ratings on review-aggregation website Douban is currently at 8.9, the highest among Chinese dramas this year. The show has been lauded for being a stellar production that I’d be curious to see how numbers change when The Story of Minglan premieres on Christmas day. Both are Daylight Entertainment productions. 
Waitan Zhong Sheng and The Great River trail behind and it seems the latter may be close to breaking past CSM52 ratings of 1%. The modern counterpart of The King of Blaze started airing during the week. Numbers seem consistent as it averages at 0.6%.

Although Ever Night had to settle for second best online, it still remains to be the top web drama based on view count. Original Sin is a new crime thriller that started airing on iQiYi. iQiYi has stopped tracking views and ranks shows based on popularity (not sure how that works). Considering that Original Sin ranks just below Like A Flowing River on iQiYi, it may also be worth a look.
CSM Nationwide

Like A Flowing River has also placed in 1st this week based on CSM Nationwide. 

TV Ratings 

CSM52 Cities

cdrama ratings
CSM Nationwide

cdrama ratings
*The above are mostly primetime shows that air at 19:30 while those highlighted in blue air at 22:00. **Rankings are overall rankings across the shows airing on the same night, regardless of air time. *** Reruns are not included. **** Dramas that air on CCTV (the state television broadcaster in China) are not included. ***** CSM52Cities and CSMNationwide are common tv metrics. 
Web Rankings 
Top Dramas (7-Day) as of Dec 18  
Top Celebrities (7-Day) as of Dec 18
10. Deng Lun 
*View count is based on the six streaming sites (Youku, iQiyi, Tencent, LeTV, Sohu, Mango) ** Star popularity is based on view count, weibo, douban, tieba, search results, etc *** iQiYi no longer provides view count. 

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