Aaron Yan writes heartfelt message to fans following his recent scandal

Aaron Yan writes heartfelt message to fans following his recent scandal
Aaron Yan thanks fans
Last month, Aaron Yan was pushed into the spotlight due to reports that he allegedly cheated on 3 different men. Regardless of the truth, it’s a horrible way to be outed to the public, but he truly proved to be a class act in the way he dealt with it. Last night, the singer-actor took to Instagram to write a long message to thank his fans saying that without them, he wouldn’t have been able to survive what happened. Translation below.

Aaron Yan thanks fans
“These days I have reviewed the comments from top to bottom, responding continuously hoping to reply as best as I can, but I realize that I spend half a day everyday just to respond to everyone. I want to pace my steps. Without your encouragement, I really wouldn’t have survived what happened, so I am very thankful to every person who gave me warmth and encouragement. That’s why I have been trying to respond to every person because I remember that I’ve said this before, I also hope to give warmth to people experiencing difficulties and problems. I will persevere, but I also need to readjust my steps. 

I now face this world with a different feeling and a different appearance, I am still getting used to myself, still getting used to how other people look at me, still adjusting to the opinions of people that I encounter at work and outside. I have to keep telling myself that it’s okay, don’t mind it, it will be okay, in order to forcibly live a ‘normal life’. I believe that time will be the best medicine, but the process is unavoidable, I must face the challenges. 

I’m extremely thankful to those of you who have been with me from the start, from my debut until now, no matter what happened, you have given me your undying support, I will continue to become a better person and I won’t be defeated by this. I am very sorry that I am still not completely ‘me’ because right now I don’t know ‘what I really look like.’ I can only continue to do the things that I know, to sing and to put myself in a familiar environment so that I don’t get scared. Hope I can be a bit more ‘normal’ soon. Love you.” 

Aaron Yan thanks fans

Aaron Yan thanks fans
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