Zhang Binbin Opens Up About His Start as an Actor

Zhang Binbin Opens Up About His Start as an Actor
Zhang Binbin
Hot looks of Vin Zhang Binbin were recently released as part of his ‘Be a Malleable Actor’ photoshoot with Star Jiepai and StarVideo. In an interview, he shed light on the hardships he underwent in order to be the actor that he is today. 

It may seem that his natural good looks and talents in singing and dancing would lead to a smooth sailing career, but Zhang Binbin tells us otherwise. During his first few projects, he often didn’t know where to stand and was out of the camera shot. He remembered a time when he when he cried so hard after being yelled at by the director and his confidence shaken. At that time, he felt the burdens of being an idol and couldn’t commit completely to his characters. He had wondered whether he was even cut out for the industry. 

Thankfully, the story has a happy ending. It’s no secret that Vin Zhang had started out in many supporting roles before taking the lead in recent dramas like The King’s Woman. Fans can also look forward to him as Ariel Lin’s leading man in Legend of Hua Buqi. As more opportunities come his way, Zhang Binbin aims to be as flexible as clay, able to be molded into different roles to show different personalities. He dreams of having a part in wuxia, action, comedy films, and many more. He does tend to play tragic characters, maybe he’ll do great in comedy. 
Zhang Binbin

Zhang Binbin

Zhang Binbin

Zhang Binbin
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