Web traffic stats: Entrepreneurial Age leads online

Web traffic stats: Entrepreneurial Age leads online
3 billion views Entrepreneurial Age
Tang Dynasty Tour, Ever Night and Royal Highness are three more web dramas that premiered this week though none seem to have made a dent in ratings (I’d give it a couple days for the shows to find their audience). Meanwhile, Entrepreneurial Age which airs daily on primetime TV is still the leading drama online as it has reached 3 billion views 19 days after premiere.  

Online views The Eternal Love 2
The Eternal Love Season 2 is close on its heels as it has reached 1 billion views 11 days after premiere. 
All Out Of Love
All Out of Love has reached 3.7 billion views 47 days after premiere. 

Martial Universe 2 Yang Yang
Martial Universe Season 2 has reached 1.2 billion views 23 days after premiere.

The Story of Zheng Yang Gate Ni Dahong
The Story of Zheng Yang Gate has reached 629 million 18 days after premiere. 

An Oriental Odyssey
An Oriental Odyssey has reached 700 million views 16 days after premiere. 

The Years You Were Late Poster
The Years You Were Late has reached 1.1 billion views 36 days after premiere. 


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