View count for some dramas this week

View count for some dramas this week
Our Glamorous Time Zhao Liying Jin Han Poster
Our Glamorous Time is currently at 1.71 billion views on Tencent, 12 days after premiere. Total views will be higher as the show also streams on iQiYi. 

1.84 billion views Ever Night
Ever Night is currently at 1.84 billion views on Tencent, 24 days after premiere

8.5 billion views All Out Of Love
With numerous changes in the broadcast schedule, All Out of Love finally aired its last episode last night. The show has reached 8.5 billion views 68 days after premiere. 

The Eternal Love 2
The Eternal Love Season 2 is currently at 2.68 billion views on Tencent, 33 days after premiere. 

An Oriental Odyssey
An Oriental Odyssey is currently at 1.94 billion views on Tencent, 37 days after premiere 

Hi I
Hi, I’m Saori dropped a poster two days ago to celebrate 700 million views. It is currently at 860 million views on Youku, 12 days after premiere. 
The Unknown ratings
The Unknown dropped a poster yesterday to celebrate 200 million views. It is currently at 220 million on Tencent, 11 days after premiere.

*View count are either sourced directly from 1) streaming site 2) official weibo 3) xunyee in order of availability. 


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