View count for some dramas this week

View count for some dramas this week
The Eternal Love 2 Liang Jie Xing Zhaolin
Sorry I missed last week’s, was attempting to make changes to this report, but it ended up being practically the same. ? It’s interesting how fast the drama landscape changed in just 2 weeks because I’m finding a lot more dramas that I’m curious about with the recent premieresIf you were experiencing a drama lull, maybe you’ll find something here. 
The Eternal Love Season 2 has reached 2.24 billion views 26 days after premiere. 

All Out Of Love 5 billion views
All Out of Love dropped a poster 2 days ago to announce reaching 5 billion views, 59 days since premiere. 

Ever Night 1 billion views
Ever Night dropped a poster a few days ago to celebrate reaching 1 billion views. The show is currently at 1.31 billion views 17 days after premiere. 
An Oriental Odyssey 1.6 billion views
An Oriental Odyssey has reached 1.63 million views 30 days after premiere. 

Our Glamorous Time Zhao Liying Jin Han Poster
Our Glamorous Time has reached 6.4 billion (sorry, my eyes were playing tricks on me) 640 million views 5 days after premiere (iQiYi views not yet included). The show’s already claimed the #1 spot online based on single day views. 

Hi, I
Hi, I’m Saori has reached 6.5 billion 650 million views 5 days after premiere. 

Royal Highness
Royal Highness has reached 250 million views 16 days after premiere. 

Never Gone 200 million views
Never Gone has reached 200 million 11 days after premiere.  


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