Rainie Yang Forever 18 With Her New Look

Rainie Yang Forever 18 With Her New Look
Rainie Yang with bangs
Rainie Yang celebrates 18 years in the showbiz industry with a fresh look. Ditching her old hairstyle, she opts for a honey brown color and matching bangs. It had been quite some time since she’s grown tired of not having bangs but there wasn’t a reason to cut her hair for a project and she also had concerts. She finally went for it on Nov 16, the day of her showbiz anniversary this month. 

Rainie thinks her hair looks like a wig, I don’t think so, I mean, it really suits her. I wouldn’t have known that she was already 34 if I didn’t search it up and remember her from Meteor Garden 17 years ago. I give her mad props, she can actually pass for a teenager. 

Rainie Yang with bangs

Rainie Yang long hair

Rainie Yang 30

Rainie Yang 2018 young

Rainie Yang new hairdo
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