Past Life and Life Drama Starts Filming, Drops First Posters

Past Life and Life Drama Starts Filming, Drops First Posters
Past Life and Life Alan Yu Yukee Chen
Upcoming historical mystery drama Past Life and Life 两世欢 commences filming. The new series held its booting ceremony with its staff and cast members on Sunday, Nov. 4. The production was generous enough to drop its characters posters with lead characters Alan Yu Menglong and Yukee Chen Yuqi, a day into the filming.

Past Life and Life Alan Yu Filming
It’s good to see actors finally spreading their wings after playing supporting roles in several hit dramas. It looks like Yu Menglong (Eternal Love, All Out of Love) is on a roll this year, he is also appearing in the newest drama adaptation of The Legend of White Snake.

Past Life and Life Alan Yu filming
Meanwhile, Chen Yuqi She plays the lead female, a constable who helps Jing Ci (Yu Menglong) investigate cases. From what I can glean on the original novel, though this might not be very accurate because the novel has no English translation, her character suffers from amnesia. This led her to live a different identity and get out of her supposed marriage. Meanwhile, someone is manipulating behind the scenes to interfere with her life.

Past Life and Life Yukee Chen Yuqi
Both her roles in Ashes of Love and Princess Weiyoung were bright and bold types of characters so I hope this one will be a little different. Speaking of Princess Weiyoung, although the drama ended ages ago, I still can’t get over the fact that Li Minde was deposed as the male lead in the drama adaptation and was relegated as a side character– most novel fans are, despite the drama’s popularity. The only consolation was Li Minde was partnered to the adorable Princess. 

Past Life and Life is adapted based on a web novel written by Ji Yue Jiao Jiao.

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