On Kris Wu’s ‘Alleged’ Cheating on iTunes Chart

On Kris Wu’s ‘Alleged’ Cheating on iTunes Chart
Kris Wu Itunes
Kris Wu has been trending internationally with accusations of rigging the iTunes chart. The singer released his Antares album on iTunes on Friday, earning 7 of the top 8 spots even after the release Ariana Grande’s new single, “thank u, next.” Did Kris Wu really cheat iTunes?

For me, the answer is no.

I don’t think US fans has an idea how crazy determined Asian fans can get when supporting their favorite idols… this is just one example. Following the the delay of the album’s release in China for Kris Wu’s birthday, I don’t think topping iTunes chart is impossible. And don’t forget China is a great consumer with a billion population. 

Meanwhile, for those who are still claiming the sales are from bots, don’t you think they underestimating the music company’s security too much? 

Kris Wu Itunes
The news further exploded with Ariana Grande liking negative posts about Kris Wu on social media, which fans took as her ‘support’ on fraudulent claims.

Ariana Grande’s manager Scooter Braun later said on Instagram that they have talked and resolved their differences with Kris Wu:
“Last night we had an opportunity to connect and talk and show respect. It was explained to he and I last night that because his release was held back in China for his birthday his fans went and got the music any way they could and that was US iTunes. Once the release in China took place the fans had their access. He has never been removed from the charts on iTunes. That is false. Those were real people from the US and international community and not bots like many have rumored. I have never wished anything bad for Kris nor any other artist and those saying otherwise are wrong. Any fans of anyone I manage who are using this opportunity to spread any sort of division or racism are dead wrong and I won’t stand for it.”

Variety previously reported an insider statement which says Kris Wu’s album sales were “acquired fraudulently and will not count toward the iTunes sales chart reported to Nielsen and disseminated by Billboard,” the insider added that the decision to “suppress those sales numbers” was made due to the abnormally high-volume of sales for the artist’s record. 

Meanwhile, Kris Wu’s label, Universal Music China denied the accusations that Antares’ chart performance was “genuine and effective.”
On another note, what do you guys think of Kris Wu sporting a Dao Ming Si hairstyle in the Antares release party?

Kris Wu Itunes

Kris Wu Itunes
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