K-Drama Hits or Misses: October 2018 Watch List

You all might want to throw out this blogpost since we’re technically already in the month of November. In my defence, I’ve really been on the fence with K-dramas lately since there have been loads of premieres in October and late September, but after reading up on comments that contained lukewarm thoughts or coming out disappointed after ten minutes of a pilot episode, my substantial list of shows dwindled down significantly! So to keep things short, I’ll only be listing the dramas I’m currently watching since it’s safe to say that everything else was pretty much a miss…harsh I know.

I know. I know. It’s over! But I have a lot of catching up to do! We’ve all had to depart from one of the best Sageuks of the year no doubt, since there weren’t many to begin with but this little, beautiful gem of a show really brings out the romantic in me. I loved the casting, the bittersweet tale, and the dreamy but melancholiness of it all. Do Kyung-Soo gave a fantastic performance as Won Deuk and Crown Prince Lee-Yool. Squishy is all grown up and filming kiss scenes! I’ll even go the extra mile and say this has been one of my favourite dramas of the year.

Mature and complex, with layers of intricate plot that’s psychologically triggering. It’s still dark but also quite tearful and lives up to it’s label of being a melo-mystery with great twists and dark emotions within its anti-hero, that you’re left wondering when Kim Moo-Young’s true breaking point will be. More than anything, Jung So-Min actually brought me to tears with her performance this past week and proved to everyone out there, that she’s a force to be reckoned with. Sometimes dark matter can be just what you need during a time of questionable rom-coms and webtoon adaptions aiming to ride the same magic carpet as What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. *Sips tea innocently*

With only the finale week left, this has been a great action-packed series. I love how its been consistently fast-paced and unlike my initial assumptions that the story would shift gears and give us more Ha-Ri, the drama actually does a great job of revealing each member’s past and character traits evenly, providing balance and a more solid storyline. I absolutely love the synergy between the cast and think they’re teamwork onscreen attests to their levels of comfort and bond behind the cameras since they’re all so natural.There’s also great twists, good laughs, and brilliant thievery and scheming that make this a great watch!

And that’s it folks! These are all the dramas I’m currently watching or trying to catch up and finish. I wish I could go back to July and August when there seemed like no end to some good dramas, but the second half of the year isn’t turning out as I had hoped. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the month of November and December can make amends for the disappointments and losses occurred in October! As a wise woman once said, “I think this is my intermission.” And how true that is when it comes to dramas!
P.S. I was too horrified to continue watching The Guest, but its gotten great reception and has even managed to be a buzz-worthy drama so if you’re on the hunt for a good horror-thriller then look no further!
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