Jiang Jinfu admits domestic violence against girlfriend

Jiang Jinfu admits domestic violence against girlfriend
Jiang Jinfu Girlfriend
There have been reports since last month that Chinese actor Jiang Jinfu who moved to Japan to study abroad has broken up with his girlfriend. There were also rumors that he had gone missing since there had been no updates from him even as his new drama Royal Highness started airing this month. 
His girlfriend Haruka Nakaura broke her silence today to reveal photos of herself with several bruises. She writes, “Have let everyone worry lately, I, Haruka Nakaura am still here. Jiang Jinfu’s disappearance does indeed have something to do with me, because of the lawyer’s and investigators’ requests, I’m sorry that I cannot say much.”

Jiang Jinfu girlfriend Domestic Abuse
Shortly after, Jiang Jinfu updated his weibo, “This has been a month of repentance and regret. Sorry Haruka, my impulsive actions have hurt you and your family, no matter the reason, I shouldn’t have raised my hand, I am ashamed of my actions, no excuses, I will take responsibility for the things I’ve done and accept punishment. 

Here, I sincerely apologize to everyone. Sorry dad and mom, sorry to my friends, sorry to those who have supported me, for failing you. Sorry.”

Jiang Jinfu apologize to girlfriend
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