Feng Shaofeng, Mickey He, Reunite in Ming Dynasty Drama The Imperial Age

Feng Shaofeng, Mickey He, Reunite in Ming Dynasty Drama The Imperial Age
Feng Shaofeng Mickey He The Imperial Age
Another Ming Dynasty Drama is coming up. Though this one focuses on the rise of a single monarch instead of a succession of Emperors as in the upcoming series, Empress of Ming. The Imperial Age 江山纪 follows the story of the fourth son of the Hongwu Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, following a succession issue after the early death of Crown Prince Yiwen. 

Feng Shaofeng Mickey He The Imperial Age
Feng Shaofeng as Zhu Di (Left), Mickey He as Zhu Biao (Right)
Feng Shaofeng and Mickey He Shengming reunite after seven years since the 2011 drama Palace. The two play again as Imperial brothers, funnily enough, this time it is Feng Shaofeng’s turn to get the throne. 

Ming Dynasty Drama The Imperial Age
The Imperial Age centers around fourth prince Zhu Di (played by Feng Shaofeng). From his experiences in the bloody battlefield in his youth to his political clashes in the court. Mickey He is cast as his older brother, the crown prince Zhu Biao, who was known for his soft-heartedness. 

The Imperial Age Mickey He Mingshen
In history, Zhu Di was initially agreeable to his older brother and his son, Zhu Yunwen succeeding the throne. However, after his newly ascended nephew started executing and demoting his powerful uncles, he used this as a pretext to usurp the throne, becoming the Yongle Emperor. 

Chen Baoguo (King Is Not Easy) plays the role of Zhu Yuanzhang. Meanwhile, other casts include Ying Er (Legend of the Ancient Sword 2), Chen Yuemo (Tu Ji Zai Tu Ji), Zhang Fengyi (In the Name of People), Wang Ji (Age of Legends), Cheng Yi (The Lost Tomb 2) and Yu Tinger (Legend of Zu 2).

The Imperial Age Chen Baoguo

The Imperial Age Ying Er

The Imperial Age Chen Yuemo

The Imperial Age Zhang Fengyi

The Imperial Age Wang Ji

The Imperial Age Cheng Yi

The Imperial Age Fortuna Yu Ting Er
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