Ever Night director talks about casting Arthur Chen as Ning Que

Ever Night director talks about casting Arthur Chen as Ning Que
Arthur Chen Feiyu Ever Night
I’ve been hearing really good things about Ever Night 将夜 ever since it aired. Director Yang Yang (not the actor) recently talked about many aspects of the drama and addressed rumors that Arthur Chen Feiyu who is the son of renown film director Chen Kaige got the part due to family connections. 

Song Yiren Ever Night
Arthur Chen was only 17 years old when he filmed Ever Night. On a side note, he’s actually 7 years younger than leading lady Song Yiren who’s in her twenties. According to Yang Yang, Arthur Chen auditioned like everyone else. Moreover, she had never met Arthur Chen’s father Chen Kaige and mother Chen Hong at the time. It was only after many conversations with Arthur Chen and several rounds of screen tests that he was casted on his own merit. Although he isn’t a professionally trained actor, Yang Yang observed that Arthur Chen appeared confident and relaxed in front of the camera which is not an easy thing to do. 
Ever Night Arthur Chen Song Yiren
Ever Night is a drama that valued real locations and majestic visuals. Because of the amount of travel they had to do, filming took half a year. Popular stars wouldn’t be able to free up that much time so the show ultimately went with newer faces. 

Ever Night Fu Zi Adam Cheng
Nevertheless, it managed to gather an impressive ensemble cast to support its young leads. Yang Yang shares that she envisioned Hong Kong veteran actor Adam Cheng as the character Fu Zi when she read the script. She shared her thoughts with the assistant casting director even though she wasn’t confident that Adam Cheng would accept because it is a supporting role and a character that only appears in certain arcs while the story continues to be focused on the young heroes as the main leads. 

When Yang Yang found out that Adam Cheng had accepted the role, she couldn’t believe her ears. Apart from Hu Jun and Ni Dahong whom the Director worked with before, Yang Yang admits that she didn’t know anyone else though it looks like everything came together at the end. Ever Night has managed to put together an intimidating lineup of supporting characters like Leon Lai

ever night Leon Lai King
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