Chinese stars share then-and-now photos (Updated)

Chinese stars share then-and-now photos (Updated)
Dylan Wang child picture
China’s celebration of its 40 years of reform is in full force as seen from the many dramas airing nowadays and the stars that have taken to weibo to commemorate the event. Lucky for us, some shared adorable childhood photos as a shoutout to their hometowns to reminisce the changes over the years. Let’s take a look. 

Dylan Wang child picture

Dylan Wang 2018

Dylan Wang’s death glare as a kid. I can see how he grew up to be the future Dao Mingsi. He’s from Sichuan Province. 

Dilireba 2004

Dilireba 2018
Dilireba was cute then and a beautiful lady now. She’s from Xinjiang. 

Guan Xiaotong 2003

Guan Xiaotong 2018
Guan Xiaotong in 2003 when she was just 6 years old. She’s from Beijing. 

Yang Zi then and now photos

Yang Zi then and now photos
Yang Zi is another Beijing’er. She expressed her love for her hometown by sharing that she used to visit the parks with her parents as a kid and admires how much the infrastructure has improved over time. 

Wayne Liu Ruilin kid picture

Wayne Liu Ruilin Beijing native
Wayne Liu Ruilin is the third Beijinger on the list. 

Yang Mi kid picture
Yang Mi Beijing native
Yang Mi’s also from Beijing. 

Wang Yifei childhood photo

Wang Yifei adult
Wang Yifei from Ashes of Love. She looks so different in normal clothes. She’s from Hunan Province. 
Jelly Lin Yun childhood photo

Jelly Lin Yun childhood photo
Jelly Lin Yun adult photo
Jelly Lin Yun shares two childhood photos. She reminisces growing up in Huzhou and how the places she used to know are now filled with towering buildings. She misses home – Zhejiang Province. 

Hu Yitian

Hu Yitian
Hu Yitian 18 years ago. He’a also from Zhejiang Province. 

Leon Lai Yi old photo

Leon Lai Yi photo 2018
Leon Lai Yi from the southeast Chinese province of Jiangxi. 

Kim Jin Han Kid Picture

Kim Jin Han childhood photo

Kim Jin Han Kid Picture
Kim Jin Han 2018 army fatigue jacket
Jin Han from Qinghai Province. From when he was a kid to adulthood, he looks the same!

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