Dramas to Air on Nov. 11: Forty Years We Walked and The Family

Dramas to Air on Nov. 11: Forty Years We Walked and The Family
The Family Forty Years We Walked Nov 11
November 11 is a big day in China. It is Single’s Day and there are back-to-back drama releases scheduled on the same day. It could have been three if Ding Mo‘s Our Glamorous Time didn’t move its premiere to the day after.

Forty Years We Walked follows the journey of an aspiring producer during the 1970’s. I specially want to see the Chinese entertainment industry at that time and how it grew to be what it is like at the present.  

Meanwhile, The Family centers around three men who grew up without a mother. Their father was worried that they became cold hearted so he gives them a trial in love. I like how their father sounds like a cool dad. However, the synopsis is waving a big death flag! It looks like the father is at the end of his years.

Forty Years We Walked Nov 11 Chinese TV Series

Forty Years We Walked 我们的四十年
Genre: Entertainment, Romance
Plot: The story follows a man who was deeply influenced by television and the film industry since he was young and goes on his way to become successful in the field.

The Family Dong Jie Zhai Tianlin

The Family 因为是家
Genre: Family, Romance, Workplace
Plot: A story revolving around a problematic family and each of their experiences. The chairman’s son crosses paths with his father’s secretary and the eldest daughter of the Fang Family.

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