Aaron Yan Apologizes For His Photos with 3 Different Men, Alleged Ex Also Speaks Up

Aaron Yan Apologizes For His Photos with 3 Different Men, Alleged Ex Also Speaks Up
Aaron Yan allegedly cheating 3 different men
Throughout Aaron Yan’s career, discussions about his sexual preferences never seem to have ceased. I mean, in today’s society, we probably don’t care much if he’s gay, but cheating is a different story. Due to the news quickly circulating the media, his record label and the singer-actor have both spoken up, and although their responses do not explicitly address the cheating rumor, Aaron Yan gives a very sincere and personal response to the matter. 

Aaron Yan allegedly cheating 3 different men
On November 7, Mirror Media released photos of Aaron Yan being intimate with three different men that went rampant online. The three boyfriends were said to not know that they were sharing Aaron Yan with each other.

Aaron’s record label HIM International Music immediately released a statement to defend him, emphasizing that, “Aaron himself denies the scandal and deeply regrets any inconveniences that this may have caused to his friends. He has always been an artist to uphold equality and importance of public issues and as such, this kind of quality must not be taken advantage of by scheming people.” They also added that if it be necessary, they do not exclude the possibility of taking legal action to safeguard their rights and interests.

Aaron Yan‘s manager, on the other hand, expressed that the photos were misleading; claiming that, “the photo with person A wasn’t from 2018 as can be seen through Aaron’s hairstyle.” Furthermore, he also asserts that “Person B and Person C are just the same person,” insisting that the cheating on three men never happened.

Aaron Yan allegedly cheating 3 different men
Last evening, Aaron Yan issued a statement through HIM International Music. The translation of the post is below:

I am sorry that I have not taken care of my personal affairs well for it to be shown in this manner. I treat each person with my utmost sincerity, but, I am just human with many flaws and ordinary feelings. When it comes to relationships between people, displeasing matters are unavoidable. For failing to take care of it well, it is clear that there are many areas that I need to learn. I am someone who is unwilling to bring distrust and suspicion when starting to know someone, often completely exposing myself without thinking too much. I have given my true feelings before, but did not handle it well when it ended which has caused it to go out of hand. I am very sorry to those that I have hurt. I will work hard and reflect on myself to become a better person. 

Very sorry for the hurt this news has caused and sorry to my family, friends and fans who have always supported me. Thank you to HIM International Music for your respect and tolerance. I sincerely remember those who have helped me along the way, I will take this lesson as a way to help me grow, and I am very sorry to waste everyone’s precious time to look at my insignificant personal affairs. 

Update: On November 8, new reports started trending that a person who claims to be Person B from the photos has come forward to disprove the cheating rumors. He explains that there was no overlap in their relationships. Since then, Person A came forward again to insist that Aaron Yan cheated on him. 

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