A second drama adaptation of Unrequited Love features a new cast

A second drama adaptation of Unrequited Love features a new cast
Unrequited Love Cast
We’re only missing the official announcement now as Hu Yitian (Handsome Siblings), Hu Bingqing (Twenties Once Again) and Zhang Yijie (The King of Blaze) were spotted yesterday at a function to commence filming for Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南, a drama based on another book from Ba Yue Chang An’s 八月长安 trilogy

It seems natural to turn this into a drama too when the other two adaptations of With You and My Huckleberry Friends were so well-received. There is in fact already a completed web drama based on the same story that is just waiting to air. This version clearly has bigger stars and puts Hu Yitian back in school uniform. Although it is also about a school crush, this feels more like A Love So Beautiful’s angsty cousin and brings a different vibe altogether. I’m actually curious to see how it will fare in comparison to the web drama and the two previous adaptations. Update: The booting ceremony was held on Dec. 5 to commence filming. 


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