Zhao Liying parts ways with manager

Zhao Liying parts ways with manager
Zhao Liying Manager Huang Bin
I have to admit, I thought the photo which looks like a couple pic was about something else entirely, but it’s actually Zhao Liying and her manager Huang Bin. Today, Zhao Liying shared that she and her manager have decided to part ways. The two have worked together for two years. It’s no question that Zhao Liying’s career has reached new heights in recent years and while it’s a testament to the actress’s hard work, it’s also a nod to a strong support team.  

Zhao Liying Manager Huang Bin
Zhao Liying writes a short message to Huang Bin to wish him well and thank him for leading the team in the last two years. Huang Bin responds in kind and wishes her the best in the next chapter of her life. He says that they shared many firsts together and he will treasure the memories. He also thanked the staff and said that he can finally go on vacation. 

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