Zhao Liying forced to deny pregnancy rumors again

Zhao Liying forced to deny pregnancy rumors again
Zhao Liying denies pregnancy again
A recent picture uploaded by Zhao Liying on her own social media account has caused a resurgence in the pregnancy rumor that’s been bogging her for months in spite of previous denials by her and her studio. She had shared a couple photos of herself introducing the new Honor Magic 2 phone. What most people noticed instead was how the sign she was holding conveniently covered her tummy. 

Ever since rumors about Feng Shaofeng turned out to be true, it seems to have gotten more people convinced that the pregnancy rumors were true as well. 
Zhao Liying denies pregnancy again

Whatever it may be, the actress denies the rumors for the second time. She writes on weibo, “Lately, there have been rumors online, enthusiastic netizens leaking information, stolen shots disguised as accidental meetings, photoshopped photos, made up stories based on the photos – these can all become news. Saying one line of denial can be interpreted as sensationalizing. I don’t know if I should be happy or just eat melon seeds (watch the show) like everyone else? Eating other people’s melon seeds is fragrant (watching other’s gossips), but eat carefully. Before we eat melon seeds, can we consider the quality first, what if it’s fake? Don’t get a tummy ache.”

I’m happy for her if she’s pregnant, but repeated denials lead me to think that maybe she really isn’t. She’s clearly bothered enough by people speculating her every move, I’d rather wait for the news to come from her. 

Zhao Liying denies pregnancy again
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