Zhang Yuxi as Shui Linglong in Ruyi and Qianlong’s Real Lookalike

Zhang Yuxi as Shui Linglong in Ruyi and Qianlong’s Real Lookalike
There is one episode left for Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace 如懿传. Throughout the journey, the cast and their characters seem to be a hot topic on social media, sometimes for the most random things. Zhang Yuxi appeared in the later episodes as Shui Linglong, a courtesan that becomes a source of conflict between Ruyi and Emperor Qianlong. Apparently, viewers started to pick on her appearance for looking too stiff and implied that she had her face done.

Zhang Yuxi noticed that her face was trending and she says, “Actually, I saw the hot search, I agree it doesn’t look so good but it’s a lot better than my real face after getting out of bed.” I swear, she looks so gorgeous even in her bare face. I cannot relate. 

The next topic gaining viewers attention is a picture of Johnny Huang looking exactly like Qianlong. Yu Zheng who produced the hit drama Story of Yanxi Palace was the first to discover the actor’s resemblance to Qianlong – a year ago. 

These amusing topics just show the love and support fans have for these Qing Dynasty dramas, let us continue to support the drama until the last episode!
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