Yang Zi Talks About How Xianxia aka Fantasy Genre Saved Her Career

Yang Zi Talks About How Xianxia aka Fantasy Genre Saved Her Career
Yang Zi Fantasy Genre

Hailed as one of the Four Dan actresses in 2016, Yang Zi is an actress who rose to fame as a child star in Home with Kids, earned praise for Battle of Changsha and starred in notable dramas like Ode to Joy. Yang Zi is at the peak of her career after the success of Ashes of Love that it seems hard to imagine that she experienced many lows before getting to where she is now. 

Yang Zi Fantasy Genre Legend of Chusen
During an interview, Yang Zi reveals that she is not ashamed to star in a xianxia (仙俠). For those who don’t know, it’s a sub-genre of period/costume dramas which tackle themes around mythical or immortal heroes. It’s the fantasy genre for short. Although it’s a moneymaker, starring in a xianxia can come with negative connotations that the actor or actress is selling out. 

Yang Zi xianxia saved her career
Yang Zi explains the reason that she’s not ashamed of being in a xianxia. For a time, she reveals that no offers were coming in and the types of work that she could find were limited to war dramas and rural dramas. She feels that people often wonder why she choses xianxia but she shares that if she hadn’t taken the role of second lead in Noble Aspirations, she would have disappeared from the limelight completely. This is the current situation in the industry today where productions are looking for highly commercial stars with big fan bases. 

Yang Zi xianxia saved her career
Yang Zi didn’t have a choice but to change because if not, she says that she probably would have had to keep on waiting without finding work forever. It really has paid off in the best way possible because of the praise she has received from Ashes of Love. It might be a xianxia, but she put on a memorable performance as the lead actress. 

Yang Zi also shares that it’s not easy filming a xianxia and that everybody involved in the production is very hardworking.  

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